It’s pleasure to have you. Namaste.

Here at YOGA HAPPY HOUR, we feature 10-minute audio based Yoga Practices in our Podcast to encourage and enrich more wellness into your life. Our FREE Practices & Interviews invite you to re-center, re-charge, refresh and reflect between meetings, chores, tedious daily tasks and importantly, during challenging times.

You can easily access these online Yoga Practices below, that experienced practitioners have designed especially with you in mind, to be used anywhere at any time.

Also, worthy of mentioning are the Interviews of these esteemed Yoga Practitioners to understand more creative ways to approach life. The interviews are well equipped with profound advice for beginners and seasoned yogis alike. Check ’em out in our menu?

That said, with light in our hearts then, we joyfully invite you to take this quick opportunity to break from whatever it is that you are doing – stand up if you haven’t in a while – and practice along with our featured everyday Wellness Heroes, below, as we really just want to help navigate life more easily, one YOGA HAPPY HOUR at a time.

We’re tickled that you found us!

What is important to know now, is that – we will interview, on occasion, other Wellness Facilitators and Healers just to keep us on topic; ‘cuz we firmly believe all perspectives on Yoga are fair. Herein, you will find that they are broad &, like a good stretch, far reaching. As directed by the Bhagavad Gita, as many a yogi is, and keeping in line with forgoing expectations; we hope that you will join us on our journey.