With over a handful of Podcasts up & running we continue to brand YOGA HAPPY HOUR; and in doing so I am reminding of this actual branding iron I have. It’s a heart that I drew many moons ago for my retail endeavor: Eloquent Decorations. There, I use it to (literally) brand the back of contemporary and eloquently handcrafted jewelry organizers.

Even though I have been practicing Yoga since 1998; this Blog and Podcast is new! And the branding iron I share, it is

Relevant today as, far as we can see, we put love behind everything that we do.

And that includes you, our audience too. Rahul & I are loving learning about you too. We read, but maybe more importantly discuss and consider, every email that we get sent. So, please do not hesitate to continue to share the Interviews and Podcasts as you see fit and CONTACT us to keep the loop continuous – to provide additional feedback! To let us know how we are doing.

As like with our bodies and the chemicals in our brains; the constant loop of nutrients, liquids and movement – a.k.a. your comments – keep us flexible and in a position to grow. To cycle through this giving tree.

YOGA HAPPY HOUR and I here to serve and very grateful for your kind reception. Namaste

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