Spreading a love for Yoga Jessica can fully twist. Twist into a combined Blog & Podcast, from her iPhone, that is. Being called more deeply into activism, Jessica’s cause is to make Yoga more accessible and available to everyone – all around the globe.

That being true, Jessica Kaushik is not alone. She and her silent ‘company’ – namely her East Indian husband, Rahul, & Marketing Guru – want to put themselves out there; here at YOGA HAPPY HOUR advocating that the world could use, yes you guessed it, more Yoga.


Jessica & Rahul truly want all beings everywhere to be happy & free. And from personal experience they believe that Yoga is the path. Like the Sanskrit mantra Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu says, we “hope that the thoughts, words, and actions of their own lives contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all”.

YOGA HAPPY HOUR will be coming to you live from Kaushik’s Home in Las Vegas, Nevada (USA), where Jessica & Rahul live modestly, far away from the Strip, with their remarkable pre-tween, Aadi. In their Blog & Podcast, they hope to flesh out what makes a Yoga Instructor tick. The intention then being to promote ‘conversations’ around Yoga; for the seasoned practitioner knows that that occurs both on & off the mat.

Interest in Yoga has grown all over the world, and at YOGA HAPPY HOUR we know most:

“(We) teach best what (we) most need to learn.” -Richard Bach

It’s not a new nor novel argument.

Accordingly, you’ll note that what you will find herein will grow/develop/expand organically, as all things naturally do. These pre-recorded FREE 10 Minute Practices, are just the most plausible way that YOGA HAPPY HOUR can give back – supporting all of you, everyday Wellness Heroes & yes, themselves – during these trying times now & to quote Buzz Lightyear, “to infinity… and beyond”.

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